★My Results of Marijuana and Bodybuilding! This video is my honest thoughts on mixing Cannabis with a bodybuilding lifestyle, and how it can help you with fat loss + muscle building.


00:05 – Video Breakdown, Welcome to Amsterdam!
00:30 – SHREDDED WITH A LIFE – Sick Edit Intro
00:50 – Marijuana and Bodybuilding Experience in Amsterdam
01:30 – SHOCKED at what I’m seeing in the Red Light District
01:50 – DISCLAIMER + EDIT – My NO BS Opinion on weed vs. Alcohol
03:27 – Celebrity Wall INSIDE the Coffee Shop
04:38 – 1 hour later – FILMING a Youtube video High as a Kite lol
04:55 – Match or Nah?
05:20 – Touring the streets of Amsterdam at 2:00 AM
06:30 – KITTY GAINS SAYS HI and she’s HUNGRY!
07:30 – The BEST timing to smoke if you workout (for recovery)
09:50 – Mixing Pre Workout + Marijuana Together (My Thoughts)
10:30 – My personal side effects with that Combination
11:00 – The Mindset you MUST have going into it/ Best Timing
11:25 – Working out on Marijuana – The PUMP is INSANE
11:45 – ARNOLD Smoking weed – Classic Movie Scene!
12:30 – Lowering Cortisol at night = More Growth
12:40 – What I didn’t like about working out High
13:07 – The SHADY streets of the RED LIGHT district in Amsterdam



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The effects of Marijuana and bodybuilding can be either very good or very bad depending on your mindset entering the situation, the timing of when you smoke, the quantity, moderation, and type of THC chosen.

I’ve had positive results but Know a lot of people who haven’t. This video was about documenting my HONEST results from experimenting with it a bit, and I hope you learned something from it!

Results Of Marijuana And Bodybuilding For Fat Loss + Aesthetics | Amsterdam VLOG!

Video Rating: / 5

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Filmed by Ovidiu Gramesc: http://ovidiugramesc.ro/

Useful articles on Cardio:

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If you’re doing cardio for fat loss, you should only concern yourself with how many calories you burn. The type of cardio you do, really doesn’t matter.

There’s a huge debate going on online about whether High Intensity Interval Training or Low Intensity cardio burns more fat. In my opinion this is a useless argument. Even if one type of exercise burns more fat than another while you’re doing it, the amount of fat you lose is still almost entirely dependent on the calorie deficit. Our body is very smart. If you burn more fat during exercise, you’ll burn more glucose at rest and vice versa.

I think the real argument actually is which type of cardio burns more calories per minute. In that case, yes, higher intensity always wins.

Anything that is high intensity, of course burns more calories than it’s lower intensity version. But that doesn’t make it superior for fat loss. What you burn in half an hour of crazy cardio, you can burn in one hour of brisk walking.

If your goal is fat loss there is no need to be doing highly technical cardio like sprints.

Man you can clearly tell I don’t do any running. Look how awful my form is. What the hell am I looking after airplanes? Airplanes

Anyway let’s go back to the video.

So as I was saying, only concern yourself with burning calories. Here’s what you can do as cardio:

This is what I personally do. I make an effort to walk around 7000 steps per day. For each kilometer you walk you burn as many calories as your bodyweight in kilograms
Running burns just as many calories as walking per distance but you do it in less time. You can run 2-3 hours a week as your cardio. If you’re a strength athlete just know that running is a type of cardio that produces pretty high muscle damage because your legs repeatedly hit the ground. This interferes with recovery so it’s harder to fit between leg training sessions.
Swimming is awesome. It involves your whole body and it’s a type of cardio that trains the upper body more than the lower body.
Do 5-10 sprints twice a week
High Intensity Interval Training on a Bike
High Intensity Interval Training on a Bike is probably the the best type of cardio you can do indoors. You can do this setup 2-3 times a week.
There are hundreds other options, really. You can mountain bike, jump rope, play sports, hike, shadow box, dance, whatever you want. Remember you’re doing it just as a means to burn energy.

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